How Can You Take Credit Union Marketing Plan Higher?

Consumers are getting smarter every day. And they do more research before committing to a financial service provider. Each day more consumers are waking up to the reality that today’s credit union typically has low fees and reasonable rates – especially when compared to the big banks. If that is the case, why are these banks still on top?

While banks just can’t compete with credit unions in a multitude of ways, such as interest rates on deposits and loans, and member perks – they ARE doing something far better than the average CU: Marketing.

Most consumers can name a dozen or more major banks that do business nationwide. But few can name the small and mid-sized credit unions that operate in their hometown, often right down the street.


It’s Time For Credit Union Marketing To Change.

A strong credit union marketing plan revolves around solid, consistent branding that builds recognition and trust. You wouldn’t open a loan with a stranger, so why would your members?

Your credit union’s logo, colors and brand give your financial services a face. By using professional, stand-out design in all of your marketing materials, you’ll give consumers a chance to grow familiar with your institution, associating it with dependability and superior service. When potential members come into your lobby and see a haphazard display filled with out of date materials, pieces made from many outside entities such as CUNA or pieces of dubious design quality, with no consistency among them all, their opinion is already being shaped as to how professional your organization truly is.

Get Proactive With Your Credit Union Marketing Campaigns To Get Visible.

By combining online and print marketing campaigns, you can reach consumers at any stage – from prospective homeowners hunting for the best loan, to honest workers hoping to grow their retirement savings.

Direct mail campaigns, signage and flyers create a great first impression, and serve as a physical reminder of your credit union’s services – that’s why they must look their very best. With comprehensive marketing materials with a look and feel that only your brand can offer, you’ll make your message loud and clear.

Your credit union needs more than just a functional website to make the most of the marketing opportunities online. Regular blog updates, social media campaigns and an email newsletter keeps your institution relevant and engaging so you can grow your audience and attract new members.

Reach consumers before they need financial services. Increasing your institution’s visibility puts it in front of consumers before they need a loan – so they know just where to go when they do.

You Don’t Need A Big Budget For Big Marketing.

You don’t need multi-million dollar commercials and celebrity spokespeople to get distracted consumers to pay attention. All you need is a cohesive credit union marketing strategy that builds upon basic branding principles to ensure that customers take notice of the valuable services your institution provides. If you can make direct comparisons to the advantages your institution has over the big banks – such as the expansive network of CO-OP ATMs that your members have access to (a key concern among local consumers) – you win!

The CU Solution takes care of all of your credit union marketing needs. With over 15 years of experience with credit union marketing, we’re your best option for affordable, powerful web and print campaigns. Get in touch – we’re happy to help.