No matter what type of marketing services and support that you need, you will require some form of credit union marketing writing. As the writer for THE CU SOLUTION, I’d like to share some background information so you’ll know who you’re working with.

I’m an MBA-level writer, with more than 15 years of professional writing expertise. I’ve written for both the web and for physical marketing pieces for a long list of clients throughout my career, both in and out of the credit union and financial services industry.

I’ve served as the Marketing Manager for St. Louis Community Credit Union, which became the fastest-growing credit union in the state of Missouri during my tenure. My experiences and expertise gained at SLCCU as well as prior work with a number of small, community-based banksĀ  provided the base upon which I builtĀ THE CU SOLUTION.

I’ve conceived and implemented a long list of very successful credit union marketing campaigns and learned many lessons from these, in addition to a few promotions over the years that didn’t turn out quite as well.

My expertise meshes perfectly with my lead graphic designer, who has years of credit union marketing design experience and serves as the Art Director at a prestigious local ad agency. Someone at her level of skill is typically only available at very large marketing agencies, and at a much higher cost than what our clients receive. In short, I’ve been lucky over these years to have her!

Please visit my LinkedIn Page for more information on my background, or give me a call at (314) 494-3494 or send an email to jhaynes@thecusolution.com if you have additional questions about our capabilities.

Jim Haynes, Owner – THE CU SOLUTION