Here are some engaging Credit Union marketing ideas for those on a budget

Cheap Credit Union Promotions Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to raise awareness about the benefits of financing with your credit union and all the other things you offer. Switching up your marketing tactics can be a great start, even when you’re on a budget. When you go outside the box with something as unexciting as banking can be for some people – your members and potential ones will take notice.

1. Celebrate International Credit Union Day
Yes, there really is an international holiday celebrating credit unions! Celebrate on the third Thursday in October by inviting your community for an open house with cupcakes and balloons.

2. Tweet your Credit Union’s Hashtag
Encourage members to tweet about their experiences at your institution with a creative hashtag such as #(your credit union)In3Words or #WhyILove(your credit union).

3. Team Up With Local Businesses
Cross-promotions with your local businesses are a great way to strengthen your credit union’s ties within your community. Start a contest for your firm with local products as prizes, or host an event with several other local businesses.

4. Create A Web Series
Use the power of the web to teach your members and community about saving money. A blog series, video skit or social media campaign are all good ways for your institution to share tips on managing personal finances.

5. Host Free Financial Workshops
Saving up for a home, managing debt and paying for college are all topics that your community would love to learn about. Make it possible with free courses hosted at your CU. Give students information packages to take home, plus suggestions on accounts they can open up to get started on their goals.

6. Start A Commercial Contest
Offer a compelling prize to anyone who can create the best commercial for your CU. Inspire contestants with a funny theme, such as “How I Spent the Money I saved at Our Credit Union,” or “The 3 People You Meet At Our Credit Union.”

7. Get The Kids Involved
Your CU probably already has savings accounts for kids under 12. Host fun events to encourage kids and parents to sign up. Create finance-themed coloring pages, or hold a crafting class to bring families.

8. Start An Online Scavenger Hunt
Ask members finding answers to questions on your website and social media pages. Offer gift cards to the winning contestants who submit their answers first.

At THE CU SOLUTION we can help you implement these, or would be happy to share lots of other credit union promotion ideas that we know have worked for others. Contact Us today and let’s get a conversation started.