Don’t Become a Commodity with Expert Credit Union Marketing Materials

It can be hard for today’s consumer to know which way to turn when it comes to their financial needs. They are bombarded from all sides with “special” auto loan and personal loan packages, providing them with too many offers to choose from in many cases. How can today’s credit union compete in this kind of playing field? By not allowing themselves to be seen as just a commodity. Your own auto and signature loan products need to be presented with the highest quality credit union marketing materials that you can possibly provide if you wish to go up against the “big boys” and their gigantic marketing budgets and machines.

There was a day in the quaint past when a local credit union could get away with sub-par marketing materials that lacked any sense of modern design or sophistication, and were not presented in a consistent, comprehensive way. Those days are gone. If you are not coordinating all of your marketing efforts together, into one cohesive whole, you are now seen as backwards and as an institution that can’t keep up with the times – or member needs. You simply cannot afford to present your credit union’s image in this manner to have any hope of maintaining high retention rates or new member acquisitions.

At The CU Solution we see credit unions every day that have fallen behind the times with their credit union marketing, both online and in physical print, and that are hoping to catch up to their larger or more forward thinking competitors. Don’t let your institution fall into this trap! Contact us today at or via phone at: (314) 494-3494 to learn more about our comprehensive promotions and marketing messages and how they can help your credit union meet and exceed its goals. Or use our online form and contact us now to get the conversation started.




Your Promotions

When consumers walk into your branch, what do they see? Stacks of old, outdated & mismatched brochures created by someone other than you? What does this say about your "brand"?

Don't be so naive to think that today's consumers don't pay attention. They do!

We develop seamless marketing materials across every channel available. Our writers and designers bring these campaigns to life, resulting in new and retained members, higher loan volumes and more.

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Your Web Marketing

We can manage your entire online presence, not only your website but your Social Media Accounts, Email Marketing Campaigns, Landing Pages and more.

And we create in ways that increase the popularity of your credit union website - hugely important in today's crowded financial services market.

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Your Print Marketing

Don't become a commodity! We can meet any possible need regarding print materials. We write, design, print and deliver beautiful and effective pieces, to support a true brand identity:

- Statement Inserts
- Direct Mail Pieces, Mailers
- Physical Email Newsletters
- Brochures, Posters & Flyers
- Lobby and Outdoor Signage

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We provide unique and integrated print and online marketing campaigns - with expert copy-writing and graphic design services. Our cost-effective credit union marketing materials maximize the ROI of your precious marketing dollars.

Contact Us today to learn more about how you can STAND OUT in a crowded and ultra-competitive financial services marketplace with our customized marketing solutions!

You can also reach us via email directly at: or by calling: (314) 494-3494.